Summer is soon approaching and there are certain things this time of year we should and should not be doing with our lawn.

Lawn Care Advice


  •     You should aim to be cutting your lawn twice a week.
  •     Spot treating any stray weeds that might have popped up.
  •     If the sun is beaming, spiking your lawn before watering allows the water to seep deeper.
  •     Moving into July you will be able to raise the height when cutting to get a fuller, thicker looking lawn.
  •     Now through to August is the most effective time to treat any pesky weeds and to utilize using our Spring & Summer Lawn Fertilizer that is available now for collection.  

If on the other hand you think now is the time to get your existing lawn into tip top shape, why not give us a call to talk over your options regarding Turf or Grass Seed.

Our High-Quality Premium Turf is a balanced mix of Ryegrass and 3 different types of Fescue giving you a fuller and brighter lawn. Our Turf is being cut daily to ensure it is as fresh as possible for deliveries or for collection from us directly in Thaxted.

Alternatively, you could be looking to Grass Seed in which we sell 20kg, 10kg or our new carry pack of 5kg bags. Our best-selling PM51 blend Grass Seed is great for fast establishment and is perfect for any high traffic areas that may be used by children or pets.

The options are endless, we aim to provide as much information as possible to make sure you are making the best decision when it comes to your lawn. All our advice is free, with someone always ready to take your call.

So why wait? Give us a call on 01371 831255 to discuss now.