How to care for your lawn all year round

We have created a comprehensive plan to help you get the most out of your lawn without it dying or becoming damaged.

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Lawncare in Thaxted Essex

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  • Keep off the lawn in very wet or frosty conditions
  • Keep a lookout for diseases


  • In milder areas begin the lawn care season by spreading worm casts, when they are dry, with a light brush
  • Keep the lawn free of debris (leaves etc.)


  • Rake the lawn to remove leaves, dead grass and other debris whilst being careful not to damage the grass
  • If the grass is puffy due to winter frost (if you make footprints when walking on the grass) lightly roll
  • The first cut should only take the top off the grass
  • Two cuts may be sufficient this month depending on the weather
  • If moss is a problem, deal with it straight away using a proprietary moss killer or lawn sand
  • Repair/tidy lawn edges with a half moon edging iron


  • Feed with a Spring/Summer fertiliser and apply a lawn weed killer to the lawn in warm weather when the grass and weeds are actively growing
  • Rake out dead moss and reseed any bare patches
  • Cutting will become more frequent this month but don’t cut lower than 4cm
  • Dig out coarse grass and fill holes with sifted soil and coarse sand (60/40), before turfing or seeding


  • Cut at least once a week in May but never lower than 2.5cm for ryegrass lawns or 2cm for fine lawns
  • Control weeds with a selective weed killer (follow manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Water during dry spells


  • Cut lawn twice a week
  • During long dry spells raise the height of the cut
  • Spot treat any stray weeds
  • Apply summer fertiliser to replace lost nutrients from clippings
  • It is a good idea to spike the surface before watering, with a fork


  • Carry on cutting the lawn at summer height twice a week
  • Try to persuade someone to cut the lawn while you are away on holiday


  • Keep mowing as for July
  • August is the last effective month for weed control and high nitrogen summer fertiliser


  • Raise height of mower by 0.5cm and decrease the number of cuts
  • Scarify, spike and top dress the lawn, then overseed if necessary (heavy soil: 80% coarse sand and 20% sifted soil, light soil: 60% coarse sand and 40% sifted soil)
  • Winter fertiliser should be applied at the manufacturer’s recommended rate
  • If you need to turf new areas or repair damaged areas, order this month for delivery in October


  • Raise the mowing height by another 0.5cm and only mow when needed
  • Continue to clear leave off the lawn
  • This is a good month to turf any new or damaged areas


  • Give the lawn one final cut if the weather permits
  • Continue to clear leaves off the lawn
  • Book mower in for annual maintenance


  • Brush leaves off the lawn
  • Keep off the lawn in frosty and wet weather

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